Gideon Levy,Haaretz 8, Juni 2014

horrors-of-occupation... go way beyond the settlements

Every decent citizen, both in Israel and around the world, must cry out against the many horrors of the Israeli occupation- which have little to do with any West Bank construction.

Another Israeli “Price Tag” attack has been launched: An additional 1,500 settlement housing units have been announced in declared retaliation for the creation of a Palestinian unity government.

The mask was ripped off long ago, and Israel is no longer trying to hide that settlements are no more than a punishment. But they aren’t the real punishment. The real punishment is the continued tyranny. The settlements are a measure of Israeli intentions; they were built to eternalize the status quo and destroy any chances for agreements. But the real punishment is the insufferable injustices of the occupation, which are actually less discussed.

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Neue Drohnen für die Schweiz -  aus Israel... 

Wie lange nochWie lange noch sehen wir weg ?

Die israelische Armee vertreibt die einheimische palästinensische Bevölkerung in der Westbank mit Hilfe militärischer Sperrgebiete

Neu ist das nicht und jeder Besucher der Westbank kann das leicht auch an den entsprechenden Warn-Aufschriften sehen.

Doch angesichts dieser nun von Amira Hass in Haaretz dokumentierten, generalstabsmässig geplanten und durchgeführten Kriegsverbrechen stellt sich die Frage erst recht:

Weiterlesen: IDF uses live-fire zones

Unconditional Palestinian surrenderHaaretz 18. April 2014

The road to South Africa has been paved and will not be blocked until the Western world presents Israel with an unequivocal choice: Stop the annexation and dismantle most of the colonies and the settler state, or be an outcast.

Obama-to-IsraelBloomberg View - Mar 2, 2014 2:00 PM ET

When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits the White House tomorrow, President Barack Obama will tell him that his country could face a bleak future -- one of international isolation and demographic disaster -- if he refuses to endorse a U.S.-drafted framework agreement for peace with the Palestinians. By Jeffrey Goldberg